Dancing has saved me more times than I probably even know.

It is time to give something back to dance.

I have been trying to think of away to do that for a couple of years and then a client told me about BODYGROOVE.

One quick ‘google’ later and I’m hooked. I want to know more, where can I go to a class to experience it in real life, how did it get started, what songs can I GROOVE to?

It turns out that there’s not many GROOVE classes available locally, so here’s my chance!

To give back to dance I believe it is my job to make the GROOVE experience available to more people.

GROOVE is really unique. You don’t have to learn any complicated choreography. The way you move your body is the right way, and you can’t get it wrong. Trying to dance the way the teacher dances in a “follow the leader” style is so over!

We all have different bodies and so we should absolutely be moving them in different ways – and only you know how to move your body in the way that is right for you.

Each song has a couple of really simple moves which the whole group does together in a united movement. You then get to explore that move in your own original way, expressing your own style and personality, dancing your own authentic dance.

We don’t care what you look like when you dance, all we care about is that it feels really good to you when you’re dancing. Give yourself permission to feel good.

Nobody else can dance your dance for you, this is your chance to express yourself and to let your inner self shine.

So stop reading and get yourself booked into a class now! To truly understand this wonderful dance experience you have to come and dance it for yourself! What are your waiting for?