New outdoor class

Using silent disco headsets!! Please message to book in, thank you.

Silent Disco Walk

Hello groovers, I hope you are well!

I would like to get a silent disco walking group set up.

A group of walkers having a tour of our lovely town of Kington, tunes in your ear holes – singing and dancing optional!

Nothing too intense, just an easygoing way to get an hours walk in, but with friends and with brilliant music! And hopefully a big smile on your face!

I need to set a day and a time so please let me know if you have any preferences! And please send me your song requests.

Currently 9 spaces available per session. But if it takes off I will invest in more headsets.

Our next silent GROOVE

Our next silent disco groove event will be on Saturday 6th August, 10:30am.

The location is being worked on, but I will let you know ASAP!

We will dance in drizzle, but will have to postpone/relocate if it is pouring down!

Please message me to find out more and to book your headset as I only have 9 available.

Young At Heart Classes

Young at Heart GROOVE classes are available at Markwick Close Hall, Thursdays 2pm.

Young at Heart is gentle dance designed for older adults and is mainly done seated.


On Friday 1st July we’ll be holding the first silent GROOVE session at the Rec in Kington.

Using silent disco headphones, so you can control the volume of the music – feeling the grass under your feet and (hopefully) the sun on your face – what could be better?

Please contact me to book in for this session as I only have a set number of headphones.

New Venue

From 24th March the GROOVE with Elly class will be moving to Lady Hawkins Community Leisure Centre (HALO) in Kington. I hope you can join me!

No class!

Please note – there will be no class on 17th March.

Wishing you a GROOVE-y New Year!

Happy new year to you, or let’s make that a GROOVE-y new year!

We’ll be back at GROOVE classes on Thursday 6th January 2022. Please do come and join us, make 2022 the year of GROOVE!

Come and give it a try, your first class is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Maybe it will help you achieve a fitness related New Years resolution, or maybe you just wanna have some fun and dance the night away – whatever your reason I’d love for you to come and join us!

See you on the dancefloor!